I'm Manny and I'm passionate about creating high tech products and educating people about technology. I love to apply my technical expertise to develop software and hardware solutions, communicate technical concepts to a wide range of audiences, and provide customer support.

My experience spans software design engineering, hardware design engineering, technical marketing, and eLearning course development for Silicon Valley industry leaders and high tech startups.

I’m open to opportunities that allow me to apply my skills to create value for my clients and learn something new along the way. Have a software or hardware project that needs to get done? Need to get your technical sales force to up to speed on your technology and exciting new products? Wondering how you are going to deliver the presentation at that industry conference or handle all those customer inquiries? Let's talk!

Software and Hardware Development and Support

Have a software or hardware project that is understaffed? Working on an IoT product that needs extra help? Will adding someone with both hardware and software experience be just what you team needs to get to the finish line? My hardware experience has taken me from the evolution of PC chipsets through the emergence of high speed interfaces and the internet of things.

What about that website that needs updating or a new feature added? My software experience has given me the opportunity to become proficient in front-end and back-end environments along the full software stack.

Do you have customer facing activities that need attention? I have provided customer support, managed trade show activities, and delivered  presentations at industry conferences world wide.

What can I do for you?

eLearning Content Development and Delivery

Your new products are just about ready to hit the market. It's time to enable your sales force to go out and rake in those sales! Just how are you going to bring them up to speed on your latest technology, product details, and how to find and qualify new customers?

With your sales team spread out all over the country or all over the world and numerous resellers, it can be a challenge to get the job done with your already busy staff.

eLearning to the rescue! Find out how you can enable your entire sales force with all the technology knowledge, product details, and messaging they'll need to close the Big Sales Wins.

I have provided eLearning content and managed eLearning delivery via Learning Management Systems for large and small clients.

Let's educate and energize your sales team!

Other Activities

  • Facilitator and Co-Lead: Facilitation Skills Workshop Team, ProMatch
  • Senior State Park Volunteer: Henry W. Coe State Park
  • Board Member: Pine Ridge Association
  • Technician Class Amateur Radio License: KM6RUZ
  • Ultralight Backpacker